We received a call from a customer experiencing damage and cracks on their ladle hanger which was utilized on an EOT crane in their Melt and Teeming Aisle. The customer had increased their ladle size as part of a recent facility upgrade project. During the tilting operation, the ladle made physical contact with the ladle hanger causing repetitive damage and ultimately cracks in the hanger structure.


Upon receipt at our facility, the unit was disassembled and cleaned. It was then visually and NDT inspected by our technicians to determine the extent of the damage. From the findings, our Engineering staff developed a recommended scope of repair which included air arc gouging of compromised welds, replacement of damage plate sections and installation of reinforcing gussets to reduce stress in effected areas; all work following AWS standards. We submitted a written report to the customer for agreement. Upon approval and completion of the work, the unit was again NDT inspected, assembled and delivered to the customer. While the work was extensive and involved several departments, the entire project was completed in four days.


  • Teardown and diagnosis of problems
  • Inspection for integrity
  • Develop scope of repair
  • Advised customer and received approval
  • Conducted work and inspected
  • Delivered back to customer
  • 4-day turnaround for project completion