A Periodic Inspection is more in-depth and thorough than frequent inspections. It is a detailed visual and operational inspection whereby individual components are examined to determine their condition. They are performed as often as quarterly based on service, environmental and application factors.  The inspectors need to be experienced crane technicians and fully trained.  A detailed inspection report is to kept on file for a least one year.  Periodic Inspections are critical to overhead crane reliability and safety compliance.

G.W. Becker, Inc. provides Periodic Inspections utilizing our highly trained and qualified technicians with a high level of experience in all makes and models. 

Our periodic inspections go above and beyond the standard.

Periodic Inspection: Complete inspections of the crane on electrical, mechanical, and structural components shall be performed at intervals as generally defined in OSHA 1910.179 depending upon its activity, severity of service, and environment, or as specified. Any deficiencies listed shall be carefully examined and determined made as to whether they constitute a safety hazard.

Items inspected and documented for compliance with the applicable OSHA and ANSI standards:

  • Check all hooks, wire ropes, and rope sheaves for excessive wear.
  • Structural members and load bearing mechanical parts.
  • Check all brakes assemblies for wear and proper operation.
  • Check all electrical panel contactors and or relays.
  • Check all limit switches.
  • Check all pushbuttons and controllers.
  • Check all drive line components including shafts, couplings and guards.
  • Check all gears in gearboxes that have inspection plates.  Check oil level in all gearboxes.
  • Check all load hook blocks and crane hooks.
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