G.W. Becker, Inc.’s single girder overhead cranes are designed and manufactured to CMAA Specification #74.  In addition, they meet current ANSI, NEC, and OSHA specifications.

Single girder overhead cranes are most frequently applied in capacities under 10 tons, spans up to 60 ft. and through CMAA Class “C” Service.

Single girder bridges can be configured in top-running or under-running styles.  Top-running units normally operate on a standard rail section, while under-running units operate on a “W”, “S” or Patented Track beam.

Ordinary girder type construction is a standard rolled steel section.  However, a welded plate mono-box girder is available on longer spans up to 125ft.

The typical advantages of single girder overhead cranes are:

  • Lower production cost, and therefore lower price, than a double girder model
  • Low dead weight
  • Reduced required crane headroom
  • Improved hook coverage

The typical disadvantages of single girder overhead cranes are:

  • Usually slower operating speeds
  • Reduced service class
  • Reduced lift available (Floor to Hook)

We are experts in applying the correct engineered equipment for your company’s specific application.

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