G.W. Becker, Inc. offers inspection services for all makes and models of overhead cranes, hoists, below-the-hook devices, providing compliance with local regulations and ensuring a safe and productive material handling operation.

Our Maintenance Inspections provide you with a detailed engineered report on your crane and hoist equipment.  From this report a maintenance schedule can be created and repairs can be performed to keep your equipment operating efficiently, reliably, and safely.

Maintenance Inspection: Complete inspections of the crane on electrical, mechanical, and structural components performed at intervals as generally defined in OSHA 1910.179 depending upon its activity, severity of service, and environment, or as specified. Any deficiencies listed shall be carefully examined and determined made as to whether they constitute a safety hazard. 

Items inspected and documented for compliance with the applicable OSHA and ANSI standards:

  • Wire Ropes
  • Lower Blocks
  • Controls
  • Structural Members
  • Signs and Labels
  • Connection Points
  • Sheaves and Drums
  • Shafts, Axles, & Couplings
  • Wheels (measured for wear)
  • Brakes (holding and control)
  • Gearboxes (opened & inspected)
  • Electrical Components (panels & wiring)
  • Motors
  • Covers and Guards
  • Bumpers and End Stops
  • Trolley and Runway Rail
  • Runway Structure
  • Conductor System.
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