At G.W. Becker, Inc., we specialize in assisting our customers with existing cranes or ones that they are anticipating purchasing.  As an Executive Member of the Crane Manufacturer’s Association of America (CMAA), we understand and assist our customers with the knowledge required to make an informed purchase for their critical material handling equipment.  Our Overhead Crane Application Assistance Services:

Specifying Correct Material Handling Equipment

We can assist you in answering these important questions:

  • What Type of overhead crane do I need?
  • What is the duty cycle for my crane?
  • What type of power and control will my application require?
  • How will I control my crane?
  • Is there anything unusual about my application such as special or hazardous environment?

Specification Development

Developing an overhead crane & runways specification is a critical aspect of every new equipment purchase project.  Often this process is omitted or overlooked, as it is a difficult and tedious task.  Developing a detailed specification is the best opportunity for the most critical engineering process – avoiding problems.

At G.W. Becker, Inc., we design and manufacture our overhead cranes using standardized crane specifications from the CMAA Specification 70 (Specifications for Multiple Girder Cranes) & CMAA Specification 74 (Specifications for Single Girder Cranes). 

Our knowledge is shared with you when we partner in this process.

Project Planning

  • Construction
    • Site preparation requirements
    • Site access
    • Crane envelope requirements
  • Acceptance Testing
    • Factory operational testing
  • Installation
    • Proper lifting means & methods
    • Electrical & mechanical connections
  • Commissioning
    • Final installation checklist
    • Load Testing