Steel Rolling Mill

Loading coils into vertical annealing furnaces

CMAA Classification:
Class E Service

Product Manufacturer:
G.W. Becker, Inc.

Project Description:
G.W. Becker, Inc. commissioned a new 40/15 ton electric overhead traveling crane for a steel rolling mill in Western Pennsylvania.  This new crane replaces an existing EOT crane used in the customer’s annealing department.  This 5-motion, 230 VDC, severe service crane was installed on an existing runway system of 94’ span and 54’ of lift.  Fully loaded speeds for the crane are: bridge (480 fpm), trolleys (345 fpm), main hoist (56 fpm), auxiliary hoist (105 fpm).  This mill duty crane has an eight (8) wheel bridge design with equalizing end trucks.  Operated from an enclosed, insulated, climate controlled cab which has double pane, tempered glass on four sides, including sliding sides & front and glass covering part of the floor for visibility straight down. The operator sits in a rotating control chair with 5-speed, mill-duty master switches and other ancillary controls located in consoles of the arms for improved ergonomics.  This turnkey project included application assistance, design, manufacturing, and installation of the new EOT crane to meet all current applicable CMAA, OSHA, ANSI/ASME, and NEC specifications.