Routine inspections are critical to overhead crane reliability and safety.

G.W. Becker, Inc. provides Frequent Inspections utilizing our highly trained and qualified technicians.  With a high level of experience in all makes and models. 

We don’t just “kick the tires”.  Our frequent inspections go above and beyond the standard.

Frequent inspection: Items shall be inspected for defects at intervals as defined in OSHA 1910.179, including observation during operation for any defects which might appear between regular inspections. All deficiencies listed shall be carefully examined and determination made as to whether they constitute a safety hazard.

Items to be InspectedFrequency
Operating mechanisms for maladjustmentDaily
Deterioration or leakage in pneumatic and hydraulic partsDaily
Hooks with deformation or cracks (visual)Daily
Hooks with deformation or racks (written record with signature of inspector and date)Monthly
Hoist chains and end connections for wear, twist or distortion (visual)Daily
Hoist chains and end connections for wear, twist, or distortion (written record with signature of inspector and date)Monthly
Running Rope and end connections for wear, broken strands, etc. (written record with signature of inspector, rope identity and date)Monthly
Functional operating mechanisms for excessive wearAs needed
Rope reeving according to manufacturers recommendationsAs recommended