Overhead Crane Operator Trainer Training

This training course could prove to be one of your best investments. It will provide these benefits…and more.

  • Improve plant safety by increasing employee knowledge.
  • Help your company comply with OSHA safety requirements.
  • Reduction in equipment breakdowns and costly downtime.
  • Reduce your company’s legal liabilities by providing training to all overhead crane operators.
  • Better employee morale.
  • Lower insurance premiums are possible.

Who Should Attend?

  • Corporate Trainers
  • Safety Program Managers
  • Production Area Managers
  • Plant Managers

Course Sections

  • Classroom training 
  • 150-page training manuals covering hoists, cranes, slings and below-the-hook devices
  • 100 pages of OSHA codes/inspection form manuals 
  • Trainer’s manual
  • Evaluation of 100+ sample parts
  • Review of training materials
  • Question and answer period
  • Written testing
  • Hands-on training (time permitting)
  • Certification certificates, cards and decals

Topics Covered

  • Training Skills
  • Proper crane terminology
  • Who should inspect?
  • OSHA daily overhead hoist and crane operator inspection requirements
  • Proper crane operation
  • Proper sling use and instruction
  • Proper use of below-the-hook devices and inspection
  • Basic maintenance procedures and requirements

Session locations

  • At any of your facilities in the USA or at our facilities.

Suggested Training Materials

The following materials would be used by your trainer when providing training to your employees.

  • Comprehensive Overhead Hoist and Crane Guide: Covers OSHA rules, ANSI (ASME) requirements, CMAA, HMI, NEC, NEMA and Specialized industry and state requirements.
  • Training Videos: To be used during company’s training course.
  • PowerPoint Presentation Course Guide: For use by Trainers during their training
  • Operator Manuals: Custom designed for your company with your company name and logo.
  • Testing Package: 25 tests designed for your company, based upon the equipment used by your company.
  • Trainer’s Samples Kit: Approximately 100 molded replicas of actual hoist and crane parts, damaged and new, or samples of new parts, for “hands on” experience.

Optional Training Materials

The following optional materials would be used by your trainer when providing training to your employees.

  • Custom Certificates for Operators
  • Custom Operator License Cards
  • Special color cover sets for operator training manuals
  • Comprehensive Rules and Regulations Package
  • First Session Critique: Have your first training session held by your trainer attended by your instructor and receive a follow-up critique.
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