200 Ton Re-span Project (#24728)



CMAA Classification: 
Class E Service 

Product Manufacturer:
Virginia Crane 

Project Description:
G.W. Becker, Inc. renovated and relocated this 200 Virginia Crane. After dismantling, two of the girders were shortened approximately 10′ each and the end notch was modified to gain approximately 9″ of headroom. New wheels with axles and bearings were installed in order for the crane to now operate on an 85 pound ASCE rail. The 200 ton crane was de-rated to 100 ton before being installed on to an existing runway in York, Pennsylvania. This turnkey project included the dismantling of the 200 ton crane from its original location, resizing to accommodate the new location, engineering and installation to meet all current applicable CMAA, OSHA, ANSI/ASME, and NEC specifications.