Steel Pipe and Tube

Handling pipes and tubes during the pickling process

CMAA Classification:
Class E Service

Product Manufacturer:
G.W. Becker, Inc.

Project Description:
G.W. Becker, Inc. commissioned a 15 ton severe service duty semi-automated electric overhead traveling crane utilized in a pickling application for a tube/pipe producer in Western Pennsylvania. The project included the turnkey design, manufacturing, installation and start-up. The crane has a 78′ span and is equipped with dual 7.5 ton hoists on a single trolley used to lower and raise pipe in and out of a series of dipping tanks. Through the use of a ground based HMI touch screen, the operator selects one of four predefined dipping recipes; the operator has the option of entering a custom step-by-step process. Once the recipe has been defined, it is communicated to an on board PLC via wireless Ethernet and the trolley is dispatched to execute a specific dipping “recipe” advancing from tank to tank. Positioning the trolley hoists over the dip tanks is accomplished using encoder feedback mounted on an idler wheel. Once the dripping process is completed, the crane will proceed to the unload station where the parts are removed from the dipping rack. The crane is then put in queue awaiting a call from the operator and the process is repeated. A radio control system with a remote transmitter is installed and used as a means of back-up manual operation in addition to the HMI display screen. 

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